OttoFMS is a tool that augments the capabilities of FileMaker Server. OttoFMS helps developers automate data migrations, transfer files between servers, create receivers for incoming webhooks, perform offsite backups, and more. OttoFMS works with OttoDeploy to provide a complete solution for automating FileMaker Server DevOps workflows, and additional runtime features.

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OttoFMS provides an automation engine and a REST API to control your FileMaker Server. It runs as a service on the same machine as FileMaker Server. OttoFMS runs on any operating system that is compatible with FileMaker Server version 19.6 or greater.

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OttoDeploy is a FileMaker file and that is usually hosted on a server running FileMaker Server and OttoFMS. It provides a user interface for easily configuring deployments and builds.


Coming from Otto v3?

OttoFMS is a major upgrade from Otto v3. Learn more about the differences and view our upgrade guide here.

Ready to get started?

Check out the Getting Started guide for an overview of how to install and configure OttoFMS.

Want to learn more?


If you are looking for more foundational information, check out the Main Concepts section. It details the key ideas and main concepts that went into OttoFMS' design.


Check out the Guides section for more information on how to use OttoFMS to accomplish specific goals, like receiving webhooks or setting up offsite backups.