Managing OttoFMS
Starting / Stopping

Starting, stopping and restarting

Web Console

You can restart the OttoFMS application from the web console on all platforms from the settings page.


You can use the terminal to start, stop the OttoFMS application.

Starting OttoFMS
sudo launchctl bootstrap system /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.proofgeist.ottofms.plist
Stopping OttoFMS
sudo launchctl bootout system /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.proofgeist.ottofms.plist


You can use Computer Management / Services and Applications / Services to manage OttoFMS on Windows. It appears in the Services list as OttoFMS. All Windows services are managed in the same way, including FileMaker Server.


Starting OttoFMS
sudo systemctl start ottofms-proofgeist-com.service
Stopping OttoFMS
sudo systemctl stop ottofms-proofgeist-com.service
Restarting OttoFMS
sudo systemctl restart ottofms-proofgeist-com.service