Large Files & Windows

Handling very large files on Windows servers


If you are trying to move very large FileMaker files from a Windows server, anything over 2 or 3 GBs, using replace or install, we recommend that you run a build ahead of time and use the Build URL method to do deployment.

Deployments using migrate are not affected by this limitation.

The problem

Transferring large files off of a Windows FileMaker servers with OttoFMS is currently very slow. The problem is that Windows IIS servers throttle large file transfers very aggressibly. We are looking for ways to remove this limit.

This only effects deployments that are using install or replace as the file operation. The migrate file operation is not affected by this limitation as clone file sizes are too small to see this issue.

Macs and Linux servers are not affected

Mac and Linux servers are not affected by these limitations.

Recommended soution

Our recommended solution is to use the "Push Build" option (available in OttoFMS version 4.5.0 and OttoDeploy 1.2.6) to push the build from the source server to the destination server. This will avoid the Windows IIS throttling issue and allow for faster transfers.

Alternate solution

You can build ahead of time using the build process and a manual transfer to a webserver or other location. Then use the Build URL method to do deployment.

Manual Upload

You can also manually upload the build to the destination server. Simply download the build from your source server (you will need the full build zip, or the file and the manifest.json file), and upload it to the destination server OttoFMS Inbox in the following structure:

      • manifest.json
  • We recommend uploading your build using the Ottomatic Cloud Console File Manager or via ftp, as the OttoFMS File Manager does not handle uploads larger than a couple hundred MBs well. This will be fixed in a future version of OttoFMS.

    When running the deployment, you can specify the build via the build id on the source server, just like you would for a pre-built build. Instead of fetching the build from the source server, it will use the build that already exists in the OttoFMS Inbox.


    At the end of the deployment, the build will be removed from the inbox. If you need to run the deployment again, you will need to upload the build again.