Developer API

OttoFMS Developer API

OttoFMS has a Developer API that works the same way as the FileMaker Server Admin API. In fact, you can think of it as an extension to the Admin API. It uses the same authentication by default and is even documented in the same manner. OttoDeploy uses this API to get its work done.

Made for developers

You can use this API to build your own tools to manage your FileMaker Server. The documentation is hosted alongside the OttoFMS dashboard so you can always check the docs according to your installed version of OttoFMS. You can also view the most current docs here.

You may not need it

We hope that OttoFMS and its companion apps like OttoDeploy will cover 90% of all the use cases that exist so you don't have to use the API directly. But if you do, it's there for you.

API Proxy

OttoFMS can also proxy requests through to the FileMaker Data API and Admin API endpoints. This allows you to use a long-lived API token instead of raw credentials in external applications. Learn more.