OttoDeploy Overview

OttoDeploy is a FileMaker File that you can use to manage your Deployments and Builds. Usually you host the file on one of your FileMaker Servers, but you could run it on your desktop.


A good place to start your investigation of OttoDeploy is to learn about the main concepts. They will provide you with an understanding of how OttoDeploy works with OttoFMS.


Check out the guides for how to use OttoDeploy along with OttoFMS and its other companions apps to achieve specific goals like data migration or using API Keys.

How do I get it?

Any FileMaker server running OttoFMS can automatically install and update OttoDeploy. Look for the OttoDeploy Banner on your OttoFMS "Deployments screen". It will walk you through getting OttoDeploy installed on your server.

🔒 Security Warning

OttoDeploy needs to have access to your FileMaker Servers and your FileMaker Files. You will enter these credentials into the OttoDeploy into fields in the database.

This is why the file ships with an encryption key that you should change.

This is also why we give you the file to host and manage. You should setup passwords and privileges to protect this file as you see fit.

Default Credentials

Username: admin
Password: admin
Encryption Key: Ottom@tic


You should change these values after installing on your own server!