Troubleshooting OttoFMS

This page walks through some common errors in OttoFMS and how to fix them. If you don't see your problem on this list, check out our support options.

I installed OttoFMS on a Mac and it's not working

If you have installed OttoFMS on a Mac and it will not run and it is not producing logs in the /OttoFMS/logs folder, you may need to give OttoFMS full disk access. See our Mac Second Disk guide for instructions on how to do this.

Nothing is working and my server doesn't have a valid SSL certificate

OttoFMS requires a Valid SSL Certificate to communicate with other servers and itself. The Claris Self signed certificate is not valid. You have a few options to fix this:

  1. Purchase a valid SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority and install it on your server.
  2. Use a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt (opens in a new tab). You can use the Certbot (opens in a new tab) to install the certificate on your server.
  3. Use a service like ngrok (opens in a new tab). This will create a secure tunnel to your server and provide a valid SSL certificate.
  4. Ask us about Aperture, our secure tunneling service that is similar to ngrok but tuned for FileMaker Server. It will be available soon, through our hosting platform Ottomatic (opens in a new tab)

My Migrations are failing with a Signal Killed (SIGKILL) or Segmentation Fault error

This is likely caused by running out of memory. On many Operating Systems a process that uses up too much memory will be killed directly by the OS, causing a SIGKILL error for the process. If you are running a Linux server without a swap file or if your server does not have enough RAM or virtual memory this can happen. Check out our recommended specifications for OttoFMS servers for some base specifications.

A similar error can be caused by having corrupted FileMaker files when you try to run a migration. If you are getting Segmentation Fault errors, try to run recovery on your file and migrate it again.