Servers in OttoDeploy represent the list of FileMaker servers where you can perform the actions enabled by OttoDeploy, like running a deployment or creating a build. Any OttoFMS server can be added into your OttoDeploy as long as you have an OttoFMS Admin API key or the ability to create one using the server admin credentials.

List View

On the servers list view you can see all the servers you have setup.

Servers list

Edit a server

Click on the server in the list to bring up the edit dialog:

Server edit dialog

Make sure you test the server connection before adding it! If your connection does not succeed you may not be able to send builds and deployments via OttoDeploy.

The server label is only used in OttoDeploy to identify your server in the interface. If your server has a nickname set up in OttoFMS and you have not defined a label in OttoDeploy, the nickname will be used instead.