Usage Data


OttoFMS collects generic usage data to better understand how people are using OttoFMS and to prioritize new feature development. We do not collect any personal information or data about your server beyond what actions are being run. A full list of actions we track are below.

If you would like to opt out of Usage Data collection please reach out to us through Support.

Actions we track:

  • Deployment and sub-deployment start, fail, and success
  • Build start, fail, and success

Data we send:

  • OttoFMS License information
  • Number of files in each build
  • Number of files in each deployment
  • Number of sub-deployments in each deployment
  • Timestamps for each action
  • Server ID (seen on the Settings page). We only use this as a unique identifier for your server.
  • OttoFMS version
  • FileMaker Server version
  • FileMaker Server OS
  • Total time elapsed for each action
  • Total bytes for each deployment and build