API Keys

On this page you can manage the API Keys that have been configured for the databases on your server. The API Keys allow you to use the FileMaker Data API to access the data in your databases, without having to use usernames and passwords. Learn more about how to create and use API Keys in the API Keys Guide.

API Keys List

Data API Keys

Data API Keys can be used to proxy to the Data API on your FileMaker server. This allows you to use the Data API without having to worry about token session management or expiration. Data API keys are specific to a file and an account on that file. You can create a new Data API Key by clicking the "Create Data API Key" button in the top right corner of the list view. See the API Proxy page for more information on using your Data API Keys.

These keys can also be used to set up Webhooks for your files.

Admin API Keys

Admin API Keys are what OttoFMS uses to manage your FileMaker Server login for any processes that require it. You can create a new Admin API Key by clicking the "Create Admin API Key" button in the top right corner of the list view.

We use Admin API Keys to proxy to the Admin API of your FileMaker Server. This allows us to use the API without constantly having to create new admin sessions with FileMaker. You can create Admin API tokens for any process that needs to query the FileMaker or OttoFMS APIs. To use the FileMaker API with an OttoFMS Admin API key, you will need to prefix the api path with /otto. For more information on the proxy, see the API Proxy page.

Admin API Keys are used to query your server from OttoDeploy and the Ottomatic Cloud Console.