Recurring Deployments

Recurring Deployments

In OttoFMS version 4.4.0 or later, you can set up a recurring deployment. This is useful if you want to run a deployment on a schedule, such as every day at a certain time.

Creating a Recurring Deployment

Set up your deployment in OttoDeploy

Set up your deployment in OttoDeploy as normal. You can use a deployment with multiple sub-deployments, and all deployment options are supported in recurring deployments.

Schedule the deployment for later

Once your deployment is set up, you should schedule it for the first time you want your recurring deployment to run. You can do this by clicking the "Schedule" button in the review window in OttoDeploy. This will prompt you to select a time and date for your deployment to run.

Adjust the System Script schedule

After you have scheduled your deployment, you can adjust the schedule from the FMS Admin Console. The System Script schedule generated by OttoFMS will have a name with the pattern "Otto_<deployment_name>_<string of 5 random characters>". This schedule can be editing however you like as long as you don't change the script that is being run or the arguments for the script. If you do change the script or arguments, the schedule will fail to run your deployment.

Recurring Deployment Behavior

When a recurring deployment is created, it will display a single scheduled deployment in the OttoFMS Console. This scheduled deployment will run at the time specified in the System Script schedule.

Once the deployment runs and completes, a new scheduled deployment will be created and the FileMaker Schedule will be updated to point at the new scheduled deployment.

If you want to change the time, date, or frequency of your recurring deployment, you can edit the System Script schedule in the FMS Admin Console.

If you want to update the deployment that is scheduled, you will need to delete the existing scheduled deployment and create a new one by following the steps above.