What Happens during Deployments

What happens during a deployment?

OttoFMS Deployments are a complex process that dramatically simplifies the deployment of your application. For a deployment between two OttoFMS servers using the simple deployment options, OttoFMS performs the following steps during the deployment:

Deployment Steps

Close Files on Destination

First we will close all of the files in the deployment on the destination server. This includes any files that are being migrated onto or replaced, as well as any files that are set to close during the deployment using the Close Additional Files option.

If there are no files to close, this step is skipped.

This step can optionally take place after the fetch files step. This is useful if you have a long build or fetch which may cause the files to be closed for an extended period of time.

Run Build on Source

We run a build on the source server. Depending on the file operations in the deployment, a copy or a clone of the source files will be created and put into a .zip file.

Fetch Files from the Source

The .zip file from the source server is downloaded onto the destination server. The files are then extracted so they can be used for subsequent steps.

Migrate Data

For files that are using the "migrate" file operation, data will be migrated from the destination file to the clone that was downloaded from the source server using the Data Migration tool (opens in a new tab).

Backup Destination Files

All files on the destination that are being changed as part of the deployment are backed up before OttoFMS replaces them with the new version of the file. This allows you to roll back to the previous version of the file if there is an issue with the deployment.

Install New Files

The new files from the source server are installed on the destination server. Files that are being migrated are replaced with the new version that was created from the clone with migrated data, and files that are being replaced are replaced with the new version from the source server.

Open Files on Destination

All files that were closed at the beginning of the deployment are opened again.

Run Post Deployment Scripts

Any post deployment scripts that were configured for the deployment are run on the destination server.

Advanced Deployments

Each sub-deployment in an advanced deployment will run all of the above steps. You can think of a sub-deployment as its own full deployment, happening in sequence with the other sub-deployments.